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Dog Daycare Los Angeles

Reservations are required for both daycare and boarding. 

Please call our front desk at 323-222-4442 or email us at to book your pup.

Your dog may attend doggie day care by the day or by the hour. Our trained, caring staff makes sure each dog gets plenty of fun and exercise. 

Every dog gets: Individual attention, exercise, snuggling and play in our huge 14,000 sq. ft. play area complete with indoor and outdoor space. Our playground is filled with safe playground equipment, trained, caring staff certified in first aid and access to the outdoor area and fresh water. We separate dogs by size and temperament, and everybody gets time, attention, and lots of space. Little dogs and shy dogs are no exception!! Dogs nap on comfy cots when they are tired, and romp on playground equipment and out in the sun when they are not. There are toys to play with and outdoor wading pools to swim in. A heating and cooling system keeps the play area warm in winter and cool in summer. The grass-like turf outside is soft and cool on their paws, and the seamless, durable flooring indoors provides a hygienic and safe surface for them to play on. Light, fun music is provided by state-of-the art speakers to keep everybody in a mood of contentment. As part of our day care and boarding services, our trained staff monitor the health of your dog’s ears, teeth, skin and coat daily. We do general maintenance on your dog as part of our basic care, and we will alert you to any of your dog’s grooming needs. We never charge for snuggle time, because we would never deny any dog its equal share.

Vaccines Required for Daycare and Boarding:

Bordetella (Kennel Cough Vaccine)

Distemper (DHLPP or DH2P or DHPP)


City Dog License (for the city you reside in)

Canine Influenza (H3N2 H3N8)  



In order to attend day care or board at WagVille® , dogs must fulfill the following requirements:

Application and Details:

You can fill out the required application on line here OR print out it out here and fill it out at home and either scan and email or fax it to us or bring it in with you to your evaluation. Our email address is and our fax number is 323-222-4448.

We now also require additional vaccinations: 

Please include Leptospirosis Vaccine and Canine Influenza Vaccine with your application.