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  • Please call 323-222-4442 or Email to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with WagVille
  • 2019 Schedule:
    • January 23rd
    • February 18th
    • March 20th
    • April 15th
    • May 22nd
    • Jun 17th
    • July 24th
    • August 19th
    • September 18th
    • October 21st
    • November 20th
    • December 16th


  • Standard Cleaning: $159+ (goes up depending on your dog’s temperament during the cleaning and the amount of plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth)
  • Take-home Antibiotics: $20 +
  • Maintenance cleaning rates:
    • 2-Months = $60
    • 3-Months = $85
    • 4-Months = $110


Periodontal disease can cause many problems throughout your dog’s entire body, affecting much more than just their teeth.  Keep your whole dog healthy with regular dental cleanings. Sedation can be dangerous, and there is no need to sedate your dog during cleaning if your dog can sit through a non anesthetic procedure. Our hygienists are trained to hold and calm your dog to help them through the process and are ultimately under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. Why not try to have your dog’s teeth cleaned without anesthesia before submitting them to it’s risks? Call us today to set up an appointment for our next teeth cleaning day.